Nucleus - RISC OS Highend Computer (Teil 2)

  • Fully metal case — 4mm aluminium laser-profiled side panels, aluminium corner extrusions and steel internal dual chassis
  • Approximate dimensions: 430mm x 430mm x 200mm
  • Unique dual internal chassis allows for quick access to either motherboard and expansion podule cards or drives and power supply
  • 3 5¼"drive bays (for CDs, DVDs, removable storage, etc.)
  • 6 3½"drive bays (for floppy drives, hard discs, etc.)
  • 3 further hard discs may be fitted internally
  • 4 EASI podule expansion slots
  • 230W or 300W power AT supply (with switched monitor power output)
  • Integrated screwdriver and allen key toolkit
  • Millipede Imago motherboard (developed by the people create professional studio graphics hardware such as the equipment that drives the hit international quiz show Who wants to be a Millionaire?™ and Stars in their Eyes)
  • Intel StrongARM RISC or XScale processor with processor upgrade connector
  • 128MB standard PC SDRAM (up to 512MB may be fitted) running at a minimum of 100MHz
  • 16MB flash memory
  • Video resolution up to 2048 x 1536 at 72Hz in 24-bit (16+ million) colours monitor dependant
  • 100 Base-TX ethernet
  • Dual EIDE interface allowing four EIDE drives to be driven as standard with planned ultra DMA mode running at 32MB/s
  • Serial port up to 460 KB/s
  • Dual USB port
  • PS/2 mouse
  • PS/2 Cerilica Multi-Media Keyboard (includes music buttons, rotary volume/Vantage object control, hotkeys)
  • Game port with joystick and MIDI I/O
  • Enhanced SoundBlaster™ compatible sound processing
  • Audio/video expansion bus with four real-time video streams
  • Standard podule bus with enhanced data rate
  • Additional decoded podule connector
  • Standard processor expansion connector for PC card (future potential software driver dependant)

Letzte Änderung: 28/Mrz/2001