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Hard disc recording / Sound editing / Audio processing
ProSound is a fully integrated hard disc recording, sound editing and audio processing suite. The package is designed for capture, editing and processing of digital samples of virtually unlimited length.
ProSound supports most existing audio sampling hardware, and as such is an ideal alternative to the software supplied with the hardware, which often takes a very basic form.
ProSound - Fenster
Virtual Memory System
ProSound utilises a fast virtual memory system, making it possible to edit enough audio to fill a typical audio CD using just a 4Mb machine.
Modular Design
The extendable modular design of ProSound allows it to be tailored to the users own application. Plug-in modules may be used to add or enhance any ProSound facility.
Multiple Projects
ProSound supports multiple projects, to allow editing to take place on several different projects simultaneously, just as you would expect a desktop publisher to allow you to edit multiple documents and move data around between them.
Eight Track Mixing
ProSound - Mixer ProSound offers an eight track mixing desk. Each track may be assigned somewhere between the left and right stereo positions, at varying volume levels. The tracks are then mixed in real-time when the project is played.

Audio Processing and Effects
ProSound offers a comprehensive portfolio of audio effects and processing options, permitting flexible manipulation of audio samples. Tools such as bandpass filters, and frequency analysis diagrams may be used to improve sample quality, whilst special effects may be utilised for the production of a synthesized sample.
Industry Standard Formats
ProSound is able to import and export most industry standard audio file formats, as well as the familiar Acorn native formats, thus solving any platform portability problems. Supported formats include:
  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • Sun/NeXT
  • Datavox
  • Psion
  • Mascom
  • VOC
  • SOU
  • Raw
  • Replay
  • AudioWorks
  • Armadeus
... and more
Sample Hardware Support
ProSound enables many of the currently available 16 bit audio capture cards to record directly to disc, and so recording duration may be virtually unlimited. The following sample hardware is currently supported by ProSound:
  • Computer Concepts - Eagle M2, Lark
  • Irlam - 24i16, SoundCard, Lambda, ReplayDIY, VideoDesk
  • AudioDynamics - DMI 50-S
  • SEMERC / VTi Parallel Sampler
Editing by Ear
Audio editing is naturally a process which is most effectively done by ear, rather than by eye. Many sample editors rely on the users ability to find a position in the sample by its visual waveform representation. However, ProSound offers very accurate shuttle and jog controls to pinpoint by ear any particular point in a sample - perhaps for removing that offending 'erm' from an otherwise perfect speech sample. ..........
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