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32 Track Audio Sequencing Studio
StudioSound is a multi-track audio sequencing studio, allowing several hours of audio to be sequenced and mixed, using an intuitive visual cutting desk. Crossfades between sample segments may be drawn with the mouse, and real-time software DSP effects may be applied to each track of the sequence.
Audio samples that have been recorded to hard disc, may be sequenced by StudioSound, adding MIDI control events or patterns, hence producing the finished soundtrack for a multimedia production, or for mastering to DAT and audio CD.
StudioSound - Fenster
StudioSound allows a crossfade curve to be drawn for each sample segment, permitting audio samples to be smoothly faded out, whilst samples segments on other tracks are faded in.
Mixing Desk
StudioSound provides level and pan controls for each track, thus assigning its contribution to the sequence, with the level of the entire audio sequence controlled with the master fader. All controls operate in real-time, and so changes to the settings may be instantly monitored.
Real-time DSP
Soft-DSP StudioSound is able to apply real-time software DSP effects to sample segments on each track of the timeline. As the control knobs are turned for effect modules such as high pass, low pass, and frequency boosts, the affect on the sequence is reflected instantly during playback.

Multiple Undo - Redo
StudioSound is totally non-destructive, such that it never actually modifies audio sample data. All editing is performed in real-time, so any editing operation may be undone or redone at any time, allowing maximum flexibility.
Sample Control and Trimming
Sample segments placed on the StudioSound timeline are treated as objects, and may be dragged around on the timeline, or cut, copied and pasted under the RISC OS clipboard system. Sample segments may also be cropped, such that only smaller snippets of the sample are sequenced in the project. A control panel also permits the playback tempo and gain for each sample segment to be individually controlled.
Industry Standard Formats
StudioSound is able to import and export most industry standard audio file formats, and so most sample files may be dragged directly onto the StudioSound timeline for sequencing. ..........
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