WebFX3D - Beispiele 1 
WebFX3D-Abbildungsbeispiele 2 Auf dieser Seite finden Sie von WebFX3D erzeugte und als JPEG (75% Qualität) gespeicherte Bilder.

banner.gif - 8Kb

The shadow filter has been used to create a 40% transparent shadow on the white background.

SHADOW.jpg - 4Kb
A tick from the 'Dingbats' font.

Tick.jpg - 3055 bytes
The effect of fog is clearly demonstrated. The atmosphere is set to 0% at the front, and
100% at the back to fade smoothly into the white background.

FOGEFFEC.jpg - 3409 bytes
Simple example. Colour.jpg - 5Kb
The Spheroid designer and Torus designer add-ons have been used to create these
objects, which could be used as bullets or parts of illustrations etc.

TORUS.jpg - 3452 bytes SPHERE.jpg - 2249 bytes
Simple, yet powerful control over lighting allows effects like this to be achieved.

Goldfish.jpg - 4Kb
A small bevel makes this title particularly attractive.

Review.jpg - 4Kb
A plugin has twisted this text approximately 30 degrees about the x-axis.

TWIST.jpg - 6Kb
The waves plugin has put 2.8 waves through this text. Additionally a
faint shadow raises the object from the page.

WAVES.jpg - 6Kb
An enlarged  yellow shadow has been created which is directly behind
the object. This makes the object glow (to use on a page with a black background).

Glow.jpg - 8Kb
Letzte Änderung: 26/Okt/2000