WebFX3D - Beispiele 2 
WebFX3D-Abbildungsbeispiele 1 Auf dieser Seite finden Sie weitere von WebFX3D erzeugte und als JPEG (75% Qualität) bzw. animierte GIFs gespeicherte Bilder.

banner.gif - 8Kb

This Rotating Object animation has 7 frames, and was set to only rotate 180 degrees so that the text is never facing away from the viewer, but still appears to rotate 360 degrees thus reducing size.

Rotate.gif - 29Kb
This images show some other animating effects.

Dan.gif - 27Kb 1998.gif - 13Kb Scale.gif - 24Kb Orbit.gif - 25Kb
An imported VRML file.

Coil.gif - 51Kb
Created by Mark Milligan. Effective use of the drop shadow (white in this case), and the new image map filter. The Colourise plug-in was based on Marks suggestion.

award.jpg - 26Kb
Created for a tutorial on the Mapper add-on. In this case, we created a portion of some landscape. Also notice the fog.

mapper_output.jpg - 5Kb
A VRML file, imported to WebFX3D. 3 light sources are placed around the car, with a little ambient light. Directional lighting is turned off, and the lights are attenuated.

Car_ligh.jpg - 27Kb
Another VRML file imported via our VRML1.0 loader.

Violin.jpg - 9Kb
Another example from the image mapper add-on.

Jpeg.jpg - 7Kb
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