WebFX3D - Programmdetails 

WebFX3D is a tool for creating effective 3D graphics. Anyone can create a 3D object quickly and easily, then render an image or animation. The complexity of typical 3D software has been removed, to provide you with a powerful tool which is relatively easy to use. 

WebFX3D can help create stunning publications. Whether you are working on a web page, presentation, report or project, WebFX3D will enhance your work.

Objects created by WebFX3D can be rendered and saved as an image of any size (memory permitting) with 24bit colour quality. Anti-aliasing is used to produce smooth graphics with sub-pixel accuracy. WebFX3D can also export the 3D object in VRML format. This can be viewed by most web browsers in 3D. Additionally these objects could be loaded into 3D CAD software to form part of larger scenes.

Website developers will especially appreciate the animation facility. An animation can be created in the form of a sprite file, containing one image for each frame. You just select the type of animation you require, and WebFX3D does the rest. Animations can be imported by other software (i.e. InterGif) to create animating images for the internet.

System Requirements
The minimum specification of RISC OS system to allow WebFX3D to run and operate is a 4MB system running RISC OS 3.1 or later, fitted with a hard disc drive, and a monitor capable of displaying 256+ colours at a 640x480 resolution. We recommend that WebFX3D be run on a RiscPC or faster computer.
For serious use, where large renditions of complicated scenes will be generated, more memory will be required.
The Package
WebFX3D is compressed onto a single 1.6Mb floppy disc. An installation program will install WebFX3D to a hard drive. A manual and 'hints & tips’ booklet are also part of the product.
Exporting (in 3D) Exports Draw and VRML files (for the internet).
Import drawfiles Drawfiles can be used to create objects in addition to the text creation facility (any font).
Anti-aliasing Images can be anti-aliased with 2 quality levels.
Animations You can create an animating image with 2 extra mouse clicks. There are a selection of different animation types to choose from. The animation is saved as a sprite file ready to load into InterGif.
Soft shadow / Glow A soft shadow can be created against the background. A glow can be created around your object with this facility, see the examples pages.
Transparency Sprites can have a transparency mask. Additionally 24bpp colour sprites can have a transparency channel set (to load into programs which support this).
24bpp colour Images can be rendered will full 24bpp colour (16 million colours), and saved as Sprite, JPEG, Targa, or PPM.
256 colour  palette 256 colour sprites can be given the Acorn 256 colour palette, a grey scale palette or an optimised palette. FS Dithering can also be applied to increase the number of apparent colours.
Plugins & Addons Add-ons and Plugins are used in WebFX3D to create and modify 3D objects. These can be updated, and more can be added in the future without having to upgrade the main program.
Scene Gallery WebFX3D contains a gallery of predefined scenes which can be applied to an object you’ve just created. You can also add to the gallery.
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